The footprint of our people

Winegrowers united with the same values

Rigor, discipline, determination and enthusiasm are the values unanimously shared by the men and women of the " Quatre Tours ". Years of experience have taught them that quality is never a "given" asset. It is in the vineyard on a daily basis that they make it a reality by following diligent and demanding ways, means and specifications. This stringent method is aimed at the production of healthy, ripe grapes and concentrates that together forge the character of the" Quatre Tours "wines.

In the vineyards - extreme vigilance at every moment of the day

The application of our specifications in the vineyards is controlled by a team of passionate professionals who criss-cross inspect the vineyard all year round. They also note and decide the date of harvest, parcel by parcel, according to the maturity of the fruit and the requirements of the cellar, with very careful, critical sorting of the grapes upon arrival. 

A passion for wine and work well done

Another know-how takes over. It is the art of pressing, developing juices, fermentation, breeding and assemblages... The grapes become wine and a new story is written vintage after vintage.
Rosé, red, or white, once outside the terroir, it is the passion and commitment of the men and women of the " Quatre Tours " that ensures the quality of the wine.