In the heart of Provence

Beautifully situated in a stunning natural environment of olive and pinewoods, far removed from a commercial monoculture model, the "Quatre Tours" vineyard is made up of land parcels of varying sizes that abut and surround the villages of Bastides, MAS and Cabanons. Here, on shady terraces overlooking the Mont Saint Victoire, it's a treat and pleasure to savour with friends a cool glass of delicious " Quatre Tours " wine !
Sun, cicadas, relaxation...
You are indeed well and welcome in Provence!

...hear at the foot of beautiful Mont Saint Victoire

Close to historic Aix-en-Provence, the renowned " Quatre Tours " winery enjoys a very favorable geographical location deep in the heart of continental Provence (hot and dry in summer - occasionally cold in winter). Between 200 and 400 meters above sea level the vineyard stretches from the slopes of the Trévaresse at the foot of Mont Saint Victoire, the "sacred mountain" frequently painted and made famous by Cézanne, and beautifully situated. Wherever you are in the vineyards, you can see it. Imposing itself naturally on the surrounding landscape, unmistakable, with its shattered rocks and ever-changing colors, the perennial protector of the vines.


In the footsteps of Cézanne, between light and long endurance

Bathed in Mediterranean sunshine and refreshed by the Mistral, our vineyards have been able to make the best of the terroir to produce fresh and fruity wines. Quite homogeneous, this terroir comprises several microclimates and stretches over the communities of the AIX countryside. Our soil is composed of argilo-limestone marls, sometimes a little sandy and covered with myriad fine & coarse gravel torn from the mountain by Mistral winds. To the North, the climate is mainly Continental tempered by endurance to wind and weather, to the South the influence is more Mediterranean. It is this diversity of weather that shines upon our vines - and which leads us to value the very special light of this terroir that inspired some of history's greatest painters.

AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence

Since the first vine plants brought here by the Phoenicians in 600 BC, the vine has been an integral part of the history of Aix-en-Provence and its hilly countryside. From the Romans to the monks of the abbeys in the middle ages, from epoch to epoch it flourished and integrated itself into the Aixois landscape. It was in the fifteenth century that the Roy René known as"the King Vine" gave it his stamp of nobility. In 1880 Phylloxera ravaged the vineyard san only one fifth of the old vines survived. Then began a long journey towards a reconstruction and qualitative production that, finally in 1985, was rewarded with the creation and protection of an Appellation d'Origine Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence. The Quatre Tours is one of the major players in the Appellation and is constantly holding aloft the banner of the typical Aixois wines of the region.